About Christian


  • Vocal Emery School Board Trustee that engaged teachers, parents, and community members.
  • Emeryville home owner and resident since 2003.
  • Over 25 years working with and advocating for children with mental health and other special needs.
  • Award winning teacher.


Christian set his roots in Emeryville in 2003, when he and his wife purchased their house in the Triangle neighborhood. Their family grew with the birth of their son, much to the chagrin of their two cats.

Most weekends he can be found working around the house, in a pool or park with his family, or attending one of Emeryville’s many events. Christian, as the child of immigrants and world travelers, has traveled extensively through the America’s. He enjoys scuba diving and exotic foods.

Christian has volunteered as a board member for On Your Feet Foundation, an organization that supports birth mothers post placement and the Walden West Foundation, an organization that supports and promotes environmental science education.


Elected official

Christian has been on the Emery Unified School Board since 2014. During his tenure on the board, he has focused on improving the quality of the schools in Emeryville. He has cast multiple votes supporting the teachers. He spoke out for a harassment free workplace, advocated against layoffs, and helped shaped the district goals to focus on equity and inclusion.

As the Emeryville Center for Community Life (ECCL) project comes to an end, Christian has focused on accountability of the project by calling for an audit. He took action to ensure the athletic field was sustainable by urging and getting cork infill installed instead of extruded plastic. He voted to support the full replacement of the pool instead of the planned remodel, as it made it more usable to the entire community making Emeryville more liveable.  

Christian was the only board member to vote against the hiring of a serial sexual harasser. He called into question the district’s spending of money on a political consulting group while cutting staff and programs, ending the district’s contract with the political consulting group.

While the majority of the board has focused on the building of the new site, Christian has spoken out for the teachers and paraeducators. He voted against cutting classroom staff instead of increasing the number of administrators. He shined a light on the school board’s practice of closed door decision making, leading to the end of a “special” private committee attended by developers and held behind closed doors.



Christian works as an Administrator for Special Education and will start this fall at the Oakland School for the Arts.. He received his Ed.D.in Leadership and Policy Studies from CSU Sacramento. He has worked at both high and low performing schools throughout the Bay Area. His focus has been educating students with emotional challenges and ensuring their access to peers and general education curriculum while receiving the . While he has taught most of the core subjects, he identifies himself as an algebra teacher. When he was a reading specialist at a community day school, he was recognized by the Community Day School Network as a Portrait of Success. During his time as a teacher Resource Algebra teacher, he earned the National Association of Special Education Professionals Board Certification. After a decade of teaching children with special needs, Christian decided it was time for a change and moved to administration. He was tasked with running a residential science school in crisis. He successfully guided the program back to prominence by implementing child safety protocols, hiring and training staff, and getting the school accredited.


Christian can be reached at CRPatz@gmail.com.